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School Net

In school net, the children can navigate the information highway, they can enjoy a real kind of freedom that we never dreamed, could exist.

Activity/Learning Centre

Club activities help the students to learn and practice skills that will help them express themselves with their individuality. To nurture the talent of each student, the school has made extensive arrangements that enable the students to learn different arts, crafts, music and dance. The school provides a rich variety of activities namely as a club like Arts club, Music club, Sculpture & Pottery club, Dance club, Karate and yoga classes for meaningful engagement depending on their needs and interests.

Co- Curricular Activities

In today’s competitive world a child has to be expert in multifarious activities besides academics with an overall development in his/her personality and other aptitudes. For this, different facilities like

Athletic Track

Table Tennis

Badminton Court

Tennis Court

Football Ground

Cricket Ground

Skating Rink

are provided where expert will train the children in their desired grounds.

Mental and Physical Fitness Center like

Yoga & Meditation by Yoga Gurus are also provided to the students in their day to day activities.


Nootan Global  School has its  own fleet of  buses. The buses are fitted with LCD projectors to display various educational CDs in order to develop the outlook & other skills of the students during their journey from home to school and back. Each bus has a driver, conductor who is provided with mobile phone for the easy access of the parents along with complete safety and security of the children.

The school pick students from any point from Mehsana, Unjha, Sidhpur,  Gozaria, Vadnagar, Vijaynagar route.

Provision is made for students to watch educational videos or channels like National Geographic, Discovery or cartoons while traveling to-and-fro the campus.

Health and Hygiene:

At Nootan Global School , health and hygiene of the students is given supreme importance. This is ensured by implementing the following measures:

A non-compromising attitude towards cleanliness

Staff training at all levels

Close supervision and monitoring of areas prone to be unhygienic

Educating and creating awareness among students


The school has in house doctor facility to look after the medical needs of the students. In addition to this, the school organizes health checkups in regular intervals to safeguard the health of all the students.